Quality Not Quantity

Pure IT Associates' main focus is on delivery - we work intelligently to ensure we do just that. We're under no illusions; you're only as good as your last engagement so with a clear understanding that quality coupled with consistency are key ingredients to succeed; it's fair and accurate to say that complacency has absolutely no place in our business. 

We pride ourselves on being receptive to our clients’ needs, asking the right questions, fully understanding the requirements and supplying only the best possible candidates – talented individuals who want to flourish in their careers and make an indelible, long lasting impact on both our clients and their peers. 

Our database doesn’t represent a candidate graveyard, it’s a jam-packed noisy colosseum full of the very best IT talent available. Why are we different? Our data is cleansed on a daily basis because the power is in the hands of our candidates – they have their own personal log in to our portal of which they consistently update their preferences, meaning we don’t miss a trick – the ultimate in real-time engagement with the use of cutting edge predictive recruitment software. 

Modern recruiting tools and techniques aside, you can't beat a telephone call or meeting up for a cup of tea to discuss specific roles and requirements - so I think it's fair to say, that's Our favourite Approach.

If you've already read this far down the page, why not take it one step further and get in touch - we'd love to hear from you.