Empower Your Business

Pure IT Associates has assembled a team of Big Data Architects, Engineers, Developers and Data Scientists, who can deliver any aspect of your Big Data Project – from the overall strategy and architecture to minute, but performance-critical system configuration and software development details.

You're not here to find out whether or not you need a Big Data solution, you're here with a specific intention to see if we can help, and the answer is YES we can, here is a technical breakdown of skillsets and activities you would need in order to reach success! 

Typical Big Data Expertise and Responsibilities of our associates during projects:

  • Analysis, Modelling and Specification of Analytics and Data Processing Workloads - Functional, Algorithmic and Data Modelling (these are the “Business Applications” on Big Data Projects).
  • Designs allocating Workloads or Parts of Workloads to appropriate Hadoop/Spark/NoSQL big data services/engines.
  • Detailed Technical Designs of the Workload implementation within each specific big data processing service/engine.
  • Statistical Analysis and Machine Learning Algorithms – modelling, design and development and scaling their execution on distributed clusters.
  • Big Data Solution Development for the full range of Big Data Engines and APIs and in programming languages such as Java, Scala, Python and R. 
  • Data Modelling / Data Architecture for the overall Solution / Project / Business Area.
  • Multi-Tenant Architectures for Hadoop Clusters for reuse/sharing across many Business Areas within the same company.
  • Big Data / Hadoop Cluster Infrastructure Design, Sizing and Capacity Planning.
  • Data Governance and Metadata Management – design of solutions for tagging and cataloguing business data with semantic information, management of data schema evolution, data quality, data lineage and data retention policies and solutions.
  • Operational & DevOps Design for Big Data Solutions - Design of operational policies and procedures for the Big Data Solution.
  • Performance Assessment, Test Benchmark Design and Development and Tuning of Big Data Clusters and Workloads.
  • Security Architecture Design and Security Audits of already implemented big data solutions - Identity and Access Management, Role Based Access Control Models – Business Analysis and Design, Data Encryption and Masking.
  • Big Data Cluster Deployment, Administration and Performance Tuning.

Extensive, technical hands-on experience in three key technical areas which are fundamental to Big Data Solutions:

  • Distributed Systems – Architectures, Algorithms and Protocols
  • Statistical Analysis and Machine Learning Algorithms and Quantitative Models – applying them to solve Business Analytics problems and also porting to and scaling them up on distributed big data platforms. Deep, hand-on technical knowledge of Spark and how to implement such algorithms on it.
  • Security – Identity and Access Management, Data Encryption and Masking 

If you're seriously interested in Big Data, this blog from one of our world leading associates should be a must follow: https://evoeftimov.wordpress.com/about - Pure IT only ever partners with the very best in their field. 

So, whether it's permanent bums on seats, a contractor for a few months or a specific project you need pricing, staffing and delivering - contact us today and one of our associates can discuss your specific business needs and work towards finding you a bespoke solution to Empower Your Business.

We will help your company retain and process much larger quantities and types of data than ever before, ask and answer more questions and reach new insights about your company, services/products, competitors, clients and market niche.

Big Data can lead to substantial breakthroughs and more solid business decisions.